International Job Consultants

By following international laws and laws of countries we are dealing with, KTR currently connects employers to job seekers around the World especially in Middle East (UAE, QATAR, BAHRAIN AND KUWAIT)with mutual understanding between all parties.

These are our major responsibilities:


We can provide a vital link between job seekers and employers.


  • Developing a good understanding of client companies,their industry,what they do plus work culture and environment.
  • Identifying and approaching suitable candidates who are ready to work.
  • Using candidate data base to match the right person to clients vacancy.Rrecieving and reviewing applications,managing interviews and tests,creating a shortlist of candidates for clients.
  • Requesting references and checking the suitabilty of applicants before submitting to the clients.
  • Briefing the candidates about their responsibilities,salaries,and benefits of the job.
  • Organising interviews for candidates as requested by the client.
  • Negotiating pay and salary rates and finalising arrangements between clients and candidates.
  • Offering advice to both clients and candidates on pay rates,training and career progression.


For any inquiries contact


WHATSAPP: +971527441228

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